Motion designer with experience working with a multitude of styles to fit project needs and deadlines, from short looping videos to longer format media.

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Marketing Content for GlobalDWS

Created marketing videos to advertise Globaldws Solutions and Service.

Reference for Left Video

Other Videos and Content for GlobalDWS

anyone lived in a pretty how town - E. E. Cummings

Black-and-white animated video following a section of the poetry of E. E. Cummings.

Logo animation for Orange Gate Consulting.

Concepts and sketches for the logo animation were provided and I was tasked with taking the ideas towards production that fit their brand standards within the day.

boy Pablo - Everytime


Looping short animated segment following Boy Pablo's "Everytime".

"CLOUD 9" - Boots Promotional

Tasked with creating short mobile animated advertisements for a mock-up boot company. Led the visual direction and production.

Neighbourhood Brawl - Game Trailer (2017)

Created a trailer for a mock-up video game. "Neighbourhood Brawl" is a side-scrolling fighting game. When the adults have gone off to work, the streets become vulnerable and the street thugs come out of hiding. It's up to the kids to defend their turf.